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other uses for paper clips

you have any other great uses for paper clips? To find more ways to use ordinary household items, check out previous installments of "5. That triggers the release mechanism

to pop the CD/DVD out. Clamping an artery. Let the air out of your tire when you over-fill it let the air out of someone else's tires when he parks across multiple spaces emergency fish hook hold temple to glasses when screw is lost grind one end to point; use for home tattooing. Punch through the skin in oil paint tubes and silicon guns. Photo gallery 5 New, uses, for Everything. Bookmark, because honestly, I'll never give up hardcovers and paperbacks. Hair accessory for sputnik hairstyles. If you have more that you'd like me to add, please email. Scrape little chips of paint off surfaces. This asparagus recipe from the Food Network works thanks to using paperclips. Water divining rod for idiots. Clean nozzles on aerosol spray cans. Hold a small creeping vine in place. You can use them to hold parchment paper together when you are baking things. By every disc drive you will find a tiny hole in the plastic. Hair accessory for buns. Scratch enemies cds, dvds. Scratch exs car, scratch can go on forever as scratching sharpens clip. Carve fine details into nail polish on finger and toenails and bad boyfriends car. Don't worry about. Share them in the comments!

Please watch and like share comment for more vedios. Insid" poke hole in take fast food tomato sauce satchels. Make shapes for a mobile 102. Make into numbers, note that many of these were submitted by Lutheran clergy for and active churchgoers. Hold a zip in place, clean your cats nails, did you know that you can use paper clips in the kitchen. Scratch into paint on glass for extra effect. Use round part to massage the webbing between fingers.

A list of 100 uses for paper clips.If you re using this as a cheat sheet to impress someone you want to show a range of different task categories.

Phd thesis india Other uses for paper clips

Hold bank notes together, hawaii gradually fray the rope of your rock climbing enemy. Hold decoration in place on a cocktail. Help from another list was solicited and we accumulated over 125 distinct uses.

Cherry stalks holders at a buffet.Remove excess grout from mosaics.


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