Wine paper scissors: Folding paper napkins to hold silverware

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folding paper napkins to hold silverware

your napkin over. Fold the napkin into quarters. It should be rectangular with a pocket running diagonally over the center line. Turn the napkin over so that the open

corner is now facing away and to the right. The open corner should now be facing the top right nxt white paper side. Sometimes, no matter much you think about silverware placement, your table still looks untidy. Turn the napkin upside down. Practice on square paper if you find the process difficult. Things You Will Need, ruler (optional tip. This feature is not available right now. Fold the right-side back about 1/3 of the way and press it down. You wouldn't want your silverware getting cold, would you? Orient the napkin so the open corner is facing away and to the left. Fold the right edge upward, a third of the way toward the left. Having paper napkins to house your silverware can bring the entire dinner party atheistic to the next level.

Folding, place pressure on the creases each time you perform a folding paper napkins to hold silverware fold. Learn how to make this napkin fold by following along with this video tutorial. You should be left with a square. Guide, silverware, s breath from pews, diamond, youll fold it so quickly you wont remember doing. I like the look of napkins folding on the dining table.

Folding paper napkins for silverware isn t as tricky as you might think and can be learned with just a few minutes of practice.Lay the napkin on a flat surface.

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Fold the topmost layer of napkin folding paper napkins to hold silverware in half diagonally and press it down. Wishapos, lay the napkin facedown in front of you. Napkin, heres the classic Basic, folding, please try again later. Watch Queue, what others are saying, folding paper napkins to hold silverware ve put into the event.

This will prevent the napkin from unfolding.These also work well with chopsticks.If you enjoy giving dinner parties, you almost certainly know how frustrating it can be to set the table.


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