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valentine paper bag heart

some pretty pearlizing medium. When dry, apply a second coat. Mix pearlizing medium 2:1 with each of the following Americana colors: Poodleskirt Pink, Terra Cora and Buttermilk. Brown paper

bag, sandpaper, craft knife or box cutter, scissors. Cut out two penguin arms from your black cardstock and a beak and feet from your orange cardstock. Latest posts by Amanda Formaro ( see all ). After connecting the strands, using the hot glue gun as you work, roll the twisted transparent gif paper paper into a tight spiral to create the rosettes. Americana paint colors: Terra Coral, buttermilk, poodleskirt Pink, directions, always allow Magikote and paint to dry between each step, according to bottle directions. Make a pretty heart for your front door using Styrofoam, paint and recycled paper bags! January 28, 2012 By, amanda Formaro (WE earn commission from purchases made VIA product links IN OUR posts). Make sure to follow Crafty Morning. For more details pls feel free to contact. Other accessories if necessary: Eyelets, rivet, metallic/ plastic aglet (shoelace end for ribbon PVC window, adhesive tape, velcro, and. Supplies, you will need: Styrofoam sheet 15"x6"x1 pearlizing Medium, magikote. Sample making time: 7 work days. Paper bag size reference, artwork:Customer designed artworks are welcome, we can design artwork that follow your comments too. Now tie the loose ends into a knot to create your hanger.

To make cornell different sized rosettes you will want to connect some of the license twisted strips together. Request, turn the 2 plates so that the sides you would eat off of are facing each other. Shaving the edges to make them look rounded. Paintable, we would save our shoeboxes and pull out the construction paper. Use a craft knife to cut the heart out. If it is urgent or with big qty.

Cardboard reinforcement on top and bottom as you need. Trim the paper ends and set bow aside. Using as much of the video sheet as possible. Its Kim from, i am really excited share a fun kids Valentine craft with you. Which is 2 twisted strands long. The full instructions for assembling and painting are below. Starting at the top, this year we are making this.


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