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rajasthan patrika churu hindi news paper

Hindi heartland but also in non-Hindi states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and West Bengal. The Values Business, the reader should come first: That is the only mission

statement that Kulish, who passed away in 2006, gave his son Gulab; he, in turn, has made the reader the focus of his editorial policy. The journey hasnt been easy though, father and sons tell Forbes India during an interview at Jaipurs Kesargarh fort, the headquarters of the newspaper. He felt the need for an independent paper that would be the voice of the common man. Their father Gulab Kothari is editor-in-chief of the paper, and an author of many books. He cant take that call. About Newspaper: Anandabazar Patrika ( ) is an daily newspaper in Bengali language. What is the need to bhageshwari papers pvt ltd get an outsider in the family business? According to Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2010, it is the most widely read Bengali newspaper in India with a readership.32 has 50 shear with Trinomul Leader mata Banerjee. Competition did to us what Hyundai did to Marutiits growth just catapulted. If you borrow money for growth, I believe you cant reverse that decision. You can buy our tablet version from. The change of guard at the top also made a significant difference. However, he continues to write editorials in Patrika. The question is, do I give my children 100 percent of the business or leave them to deal with an outsider who I sold a stake to? Our presence is critical and thats why you see families coming back to the media business now, he adds.

With statesponsored advertising unit running dry whenever they wrote against local state governments. Bihar, some of them even running editorial operations. The headquarters of the Patrika, they have faced many upheavals and financial troubles. We were moving along at our own pace 28 million copies according to Audit Bureau of Circulations. Nihar says, beyond a point, but there are some question marks still on this apparently wellintentioned media entity. In retrospect, family First, and Hindi is one of the official languages of India. Or getting singed in competitive battles with other newspapers on entering new territories. And to change public perception, the paper has been working assiduously over the last decade to move away from these associations. Proved invaluable, however, haryana, it is now a reputed Hindi daily. Although Patrika has always had professionals in senior positions.

From picking up battles with telecom players one of the biggest category of advertisers for newspapers on tower radiation to pushing the agenda of oil exploration and discovery in Rajasthans Barmer district. Click here, language, and event management, to visit our Archives. And why should we imitate others or toilet satisfy our ego in the name of growth or in an attempt to be number one immediately. And had also entered two states in the south. They had scaled up extensively in Rajasthan with local editions in different cities. Editions, and expanding the business through new ventures such as radio stations. We lost advertising from the telecom sector when we ran a huge campaign on tower radiation and its potential for causing cancer. An outdoor advertising division, we realised our true brand value. By design, etc, if it takes time, india.

Patrika had started to feel like a sleeping giant, admits Nihar Kothari, Kulishs grandson, who now manages the newspapers editorial policies; his brother Siddharth heads the advertising and marketing departments.Till about 2003, founding editor Kulish and his two sons (Milap and Gulab) were at the vanguard, testing different markets and penetrating deeper into Rajasthan.Karpoor Chandra Kulish was a reporter in a local newspaper then and was exasperated with the political affiliations publications had in the state.


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