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illustrator torn paper effect

Pen Tool to draw the edges of a torn paper. Then, move the top path a few clicks up and the bottom one a few clicks down. Now

we need only to select the most upper form and work on its lower edge in the similar manner. Run over the lower edge of the selected form in horizontal direction. To change the form of the shadow, lock dark-grey form included to the blend object and select the white form in the Layers panel. Choose white as Stroke color and a 4 point Size. With the Direct Selection Tool (A) pick the upper points of your shapes and reposition them at the corners of your document. A very nice old effect that can be achieved using gradient mesh. See the list of all, illustrator tutorials. Use the direct selection points to selects all the points at the edges and fill it with a darker brown tone. Take the Warp Tool and change its settings a little bit by turning off Detail and Simplify options. Old Torn Paper Illustration.

Use the Direct Selection Tool and tweak the inner 6 gradient mesh points to illustrator torn paper effect give it a natural look. Make sure that the Fill and Stroke boxes are checked and click. Are shown on the figure below. I think that for our purposes 30 steps will be enough. For option banners or infographics, to delete something hold the AltOption key and click 8 Make sure both your Stroke and Rectangle layers are selected then pick the Shape Builder Tool Shift. In order to make the shadow from the torn paper vector semitransparent on any background apply to the object the Multiply blending mode in the Transparency panel. Navigate to Stylize Inner illustrator torn paper effect Glow and apply the following values.

The torn paper vector effect is ready!This is a fairly popular technique in graphic design which can be used, for example, for option banners or infographics.As a sample I included a colorful infographics template in a torn paper vector style from Shutterstock.

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Tony Soh 10 minutes, paper change the Fill color to black. Now we can turn on the visibility of two upper objects in the Layers panel. This is a very quick tutorial to teach you how to draw a realistic old torn paper vector easily in Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator CS3 CC2014, recolor the lowest object into dark grey.

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