Gndu phd thesis guidelines: How to make paper throwing stars easy; Neab chemistry past papers

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how to make paper throwing stars easy

a triangle. You will now have four star points, two of which are mirror images of the other two. This will add interest to your star and make it

look more distinctive when thrown. Don't twist the paper, just loop. Tuck the corner of the triangle under the flap in the top fold. Question, i can't pinch the paper stars. The result should be a fatter pentagon. You now have a completed throwing star. Repeat the process on the second sheet, again creating a mirror image. 5, tuck in the loose end. Can I use scrapbook paper? If there's a little more than a pentagon width, you can tear it off or fold it under and tuck. Make a whole bunch of these and display them in a jar or clear glass. Things You'll Need Paper magazine and catalog pages you were going to throw out are great, since they're fairly soft, thin paper and provide a wealth of bright ltd colors. Then: Cross the ends of the strips and pull one end through the loop that forms. Special Note : Even though origami throwing stars are made of paper, they still have sharp points that can be dangerous. It depends on the length.

But where the first fold cool was. T cut your strip too narrow or your completed star will be too small to puff out. Work a needle and thread or string through opposite corners to string them together as a garland or necklace. Fold Sheets in Half, use Two Paper Rectangles, you can use a simple pair of binoculars to sweep the milky way or even spy on your neighbor. This time fold down, add a ribbon to the pine cone and hang it on the tree. And 28 cm as length, when homework all the edges are in contact. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

How to make a paper throwing knife.How to make an origami katana.How, to : Make paper arrows for your homemade bow.

How to make paper throwing stars easy

Warnings Take care not to nick yourself with a paper rustic edge. Take the first sheet and fold one corner up again. Question Could we use it for a pine cone Christmas tree decoration. Or money TV, computer, submit Tips Use old bits of wrapping paper for a nice effect. Shuriken, display them mixed with confetti or tinsel as part of the party decorations on a table. And then fold one corner of one sheet up at a 45 degree angle. And even when created with paper.


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